Tuesday, December 11

Online Shopping Day

We'll today I stayed home all day but I got a lot of Christmas shopping done online. Their were great deals. I bought stuff at Victoria's Secret, and I was able to use 3 coupon codes. Then I ordered stuff at Bath and Body Works and I was able to use 2 coupon codes saving like $18.00 I saved $8.00 dollars on shipping and then another $10.00 because I spent $30.00 dollars. Needless to say I was so excited, I love getting deals online. I still have a few more gift cards to get though, and hopefully by this weekend I will be done all my Christmas shopping. And then I have to wrap it all. Fun stuff. Although my Dad and Rosie said they would watch Haley for me one day next week so that will really be helpful. We'll I am shopped out and I better head to bed before one of my kids wakes up. I'll talk to you soon and have a great night.

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