Tuesday, December 11

Fun-Filled DAY!!

Well today was a good day....we went to playgroup today...and the kiddies had a great time!!! Especially with the Parachute!! They just love it so much!!! And for all you who have not yet tried it the kiddies have just as much fun playing on/under it as it shows on TV..Really!! We also got the mailman his gift card today..for all his hard work throughout the year....my son picked out a nice Holidays card to put it in and we walked it down the block to him....My son was so so excited to give it to him..and even told the mailman that he had picked it out!! My son loves the mailman.......WHY?? He is the one that brings the packages to our house...that sometimes have NEW trains/DVDs/toys for him inside!!! So he just loves the mailman!! LOL! LOL! I can see that my son is also starting to understand how much people appreciate when you do nice things for them!! That's so awesome!! We also jammed to some Christmas music today....me and my daughter that is....my son is starting to get a little too cool for that now... She was having a blast...especially with the singing snowman!!! I will attach a pic for you to see!!!

Have a great night!!

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