Saturday, December 29

Christmas Clearance is HERE!!!

I made my travels today in hopes of finding some GREAT Christmas Clearance....I went to Target, they have all their Christmas related items 50% off....They had LOTS of ornaments (boxed and individual), lights, wrapping paper, gift bags, food items, wreaths, and much, much more!!! I myself did not buy anything...still not cheap enough for me..LOL...LOL!! I will wait for the 75% off.....They did have some items that are packaged in Christmas boxes, or wrap that are also on clearance that can definitely be used year-round!! (plastic cups, white tissue paper, few plates, candles, body wash/lotions etc.) I also had a chance to get to Walmart...they also have all Christmas items for 50% off as well. They have LOTS still left!! Lots of gift tags, wrapping paper, lights, candy, make-up gift sets, Christmas balls, and stockings, and MORE!! I bought only a bag of candy...Will wait to see what is still left at 75% off in a couple of days!! At Christmas Tree Shops all Christmas is 50% off as well.....They had LOT of wreaths, wrapping paper, candles, tins, gift bags, did not see any lights or gift tags. I also did not see ONE Christmas Tree at any of the 3 stores...and only The Christmas Tree Shops had candles for the windows....So I guess they are the HOT items everyone wants...LOL!!!

If you go good luck!!!

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