Friday, December 7

Shopping Again!!!

Today the kiddies and I made a trip to Macy's to try and find my son hos Christmas outfit and one for me as well....I did great for son not so well!! Came home empty handed for him....all they really sell is cords with a sweater and tie....Sorry, just not my thing.....He is now in the boys department..and I cannot believe how much smaller it is than the toddlers sections in the stores....or maybe it just seems that way because I do not like him in sweaters, or sweatsuits with footballs and characters all over them.....Maybe it is me???? So I guess I will just have to keep searching...I'll find something I am sure....just may have to pay full price....Ha! Ha! Thant's too funny!!! LOL LOL!! Also made a trip to TJ Maxx tonight....Got a few Christmas presents, and hubby got some work pants, and we purchased a few "Santa" presents for my son. They have an AWESOME amount of toys their like Little Tikes, Thomas, V-Tech, Cinderella, Bratz, Books, Puzzles, and much, much more!! And the prices are great too!!! If you have one near should check it out!! The kiddies are all shopped tomorrow we will have a home day, rent some movies, have a snuggles fest, and maybe make some cookies........Good Night for Now!

Deals for Today:

Little Tikes 12-Inch Bike with Basket $46.66 & this item ships for FREE with Super Saver Shipping. (regularly $99.99).

Toys R US is having another Friday Night/Saturday Morning sale this weekend....They have this BRIO Smart Track Starter Set for 50% off at 29.99. Any little boy would love this for Christmas!!

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