Saturday, December 15

Thank goodness it's Saturday!

I just love Saturday's maybe it's because my hubby is home, but its just seems to always be such a relaxing day. Right now my son is sleeping so I decided to write. He has radar for when I am on the computer and so it is near impossible to write when he is awake. My Husband and daughter are out shopping together. How Cute! I have know idea for what, but they have been gone since noon. We'll tonight I am having cake for my husband, because it is his Birthday on Monday. I still have to run and pick up the ice cream cake. I know nothing like waiting till last minute. But I just can't bear to wake up my son. I figure I'll go when he wakes up from his nap. It figures they always take long naps when you don't want them to. And when you want them to take a long nap they sleep for 20 minutes. We'll I am going to go eat some lunch I'll tell you how the whole cake thing went. My husband doesn't like a big fuss over his birthday so he doesn't even know I am doing this. Nothing like a surprise!! It makes it all the more fun. Talk to you later.

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