Wednesday, December 5

Christmas Picture Day!!

We'll today I took the kids to get their Christmas picture done, it did not go that well though. My daughter hated the dress, wouldn't let me put her necklace on and cried because she didn't like to get her picture taken. So when we arrived at JCPenney, the lady was able to get two pictures of her but she was crying, which scared Nick so he began crying. Needless to say I walked out of there with no pictures of my daughter in her adorable Christmas dress, although I got a great picture of my son. At least one of them cooperated. I can't blame my daughter though I hate pantyhose too. I mean they are uncomfortable. So tomorrow I will be taking pictures of the kids in front of my Christmas tree and sending them into Snapfish to get developed. Oh we'll it makes life exciting. I had to laugh though because their was another mother getting her kids picture taken in the room next to us, and she was changing their outfits so they were wearing different clothes in each picture. I mean I can't even get one picture with my kids wearing one outfit. We'll both of the kids are sleeping, so I am going to call my hubby, and rub it in that I know what he wants for Christmas. I can't write what I think it is because I don't want to risk him reading this. I know he doesn't believe me that I know what it is but he sure will be surprised on Christmas Day. Goodnight to all!

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