Wednesday, December 12

Holiday Fun Today!!

Today was a nice warm day...a little soggy out from all the rain we have been having...but it was a great day to hang out outside for a little while....We walked down the block and checked out all the Construction vehicles and workers...(just to make sure they are doing a great job...LOL) They even honked the big dump truck horn for us....My son was so EXCITED!! We also made Chocolate Chip cookies tonight....a family affair...even my daughter helped...she had a few bites of one...and LOVED IT!! My son loves to help me cook....even though I am the worst at for the cookies....hubby said you need a gallon of milk to wash them down they are so dry....He said at least they are edible this year.....LOL..LOL!! He is always trying to be funny....For some reason I just cannot make good cookies...not even the ones that are just bake them!! Oh! Well...who cares if they taste good...all that really matters is we all had fun making them!!!! We also all watched "The Polar Express" on TV son has the book and he loves listening to the story...he LOVED the movie even better!!! It was a great movie!!

Great Hot Wheels Deals Today.....

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Also starting tomorrow Toys R US is starting their Twelve days of Christmas Deals again for this year!! Last year they had some great deals!!

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