Monday, December 10

Construction we LOVE!!!

Do you ever wonder why Construction vehicles are so COOL? Well my son could probably write a mini-book about just how cool they are...They are doing major road construction down my street, so the dump trucks, backhoes, diggers, and more are visiting the neighborhood for a few weeks....Today on our way home they were digging in one section of the road so we had to sit and watch them for about 15 minutes or so....My son could of not been more excited!!! He loves it when they pick-up up the cement, and dirt and put it in the BIG dump truck...he especially loves the loud bang it makes hitting the inside of the dump truck.....He gets so excited watching and telling me all about what the workers are doing....his little voice changes tone as he talks......its so darn cute!!! After a little while they opened the road back up and we were able to pull into our driveway....he was still watching them as we walked inside....Talking about Crashing the cement....busting up the road....all while his sister lay sound asleep.....maybe someday she too will be so excited about the construction men and vehicles...I cannot wait!! We came inside and guess what we played......Construction Site with all the construction pieces we have.....We had a great I see why the construction makes him so so very exciting...and what is not to love about destruction of the road you drive on everyday anyway??!!

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