Sunday, December 23

Pary, Party, Party!!!

Well I have had Parties all weekend long and have been a little busy...we are almost there!!! Although the kiddies have already gotten some presents to open yesterday and today... they were so EXCITED there is so MANY MORE to come!! And my son has even been so excited to give out present we bought for our friends and family as well. He makes sure to tell them its from him, and they he helped picked it out...LOL!!! Hey, he did have to make that trip to the MANY stores we had to go he does deserve the credit!!! Well, tomorrow we are off to my sisters place for some good food, family, and fun times. Hope you have a Wonderful Christmas and enjoy the time with your family!!!

Deals will be back real soon!!! (Sorry, I am ALL shopped OUT!!! LOL! LOL!)

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