Friday, December 28

Clearing Out...BIGTIME!!!!

Well, let me just house is OVERLOADED!!! I mean since Christmas I have been Freecyling like Crazy!!! Trying to move out some things so I can walk round...LOL..LOL!! Well not that bad...YET anyway! Just trying to make it simple to clean every week...I hate to have to pick up a TON of stuff to dust or mop!!! If you have never Freecycled it is GREAT!!! Most people would love to have what you refer to as "junk".... it's most people are so VERY appreciative!!! It makes you feel so good to clean out your house and give someone something they may need too!! It really is a great feeling!! I have also received a lot of great things from the site as well!! It works both ways!! You never know what someone may be giving away!!! Like they say someones trash maybe another person's treasure!!! Since I have been I think twice about throwing things in the trash...LOL!! Check it out....You never know what you may get!!!

Have you alreday been frecycling???? What is your best find???

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