Friday, March 7

2 Make Your Cleaning a Bit Easier.....

Unforutetly, I am not there to help you clean, but maybe I can make it a bit easier?? I have two products I just love to use around the house, just could not live without!!

The first is the Magic Eraser...have you ever used one?? If not they are wonderful, a must have if you have little me!! They look like a sponge, and are great to remove crayon and marker from walls, tables (not that your child would ever do, scuff marks from walls, floors, etc., and get rid of soap scum and hard water spots very easily. I use them all the time....if fact just get some crayon off of the kids little table. Works wonders, really!! If you have not tried or need more.....this week Acme has their brand called Multi-Purpose Eraser (2 ct.) for B1 G2 FREE!!! I have never personally used Acme's Brand, but have use Scotch-Brite and love them just like Magic Eraser brand!! I will be going to Acme to buy these...I will let you know....I am sure they are just fine!!

Another cleaning item I the Swiffer. It is great for those in-between fast cleaning days!! Quick, easy and efficient!! If you have dogs that shed, my sister swears by the swiffer. They really do capture the dog hair just sticks right to the swiffer cloth, does not fly around the dirt pile like with a broom!! The mop cost about $10 or so at Walmart...and the refill pads I buy at Acme. Why do you ask?? When the go on sale of course!!! This week they are B1G2 FREE!! They are Acme Sweeper cloths in a green box (16 ct.). I have been using this brand for about a year or so and just love them!!! And at about 1/3 of the price of the name brand cloths, I really cannot see a big difference at all!!! I have even heard of some people using on side of the cloth and then turning it over and using the other side as well......

The sale at Acme starts today and last until next Thursday. Happy Cleaning!!

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