Thursday, March 20

Dinner for $9.99????

WOW!! That seems like a great deal, right? Well, Wawa is trying to get you as a customer to think of Wawa for dinner choices. They figure you buy there for breakfast and why not dinner??

Just starting this past Monday (from 4-8pm) Wawa is now offering "Dinner Deals" ...................

The offer includes any one of the following items for $3.99 and any three of the following items for $9.99, you can pick from the following items...........
Ciabatta Melts
Classic Hoagies
BTO Salads
Hot-to-Go Bowls
Chicken Strips-Brand New Item
Family Size Soup

They say the "Dinner Plans" promo will last at least until you have plenty of time to try it out!! I know that hubby and I went to Wawa jut this past weekend and got 2 shorti hoagies for about $9.00...SO this is a great deal!!!!! And you can leave your coupons at home, as there is no coupon needed...just walk in and order and you automatically get the sale price!!! Yeah!!

**BTW- My mom filled me in on this little deal at Wawa, as she tried it out last night. She just advises you to check your items as you leave the she ordered a salad w/chicken and she got home and found her salad w/chicken was missing all the Chicken...not kidding!! But otherwise was very happy with her meal! Thanks Mom, for the heads up!!!

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