Tuesday, March 11

Kiddies Fun Day....

Well, tomorrow my Dad is taking my son and my niece to Chuck E. Cheese's for a Fun day!! They are so excited!! They have not been there in over a year....so they cannot wait to go!! And of course, ask Pop-Pop and you shall recieve...I am sure you know how that is...Pop Pop's are great!!

The last time we went was for my sons 3rd birthday....it was a good time for him and my niece and my sons little friend he brought along...but not like when I was a kid. I remember as a kid they had lots and lots of games, a few rides, skeeball, great food, tunnels to climb thru, and awesome prizes!! Well, let me just tell you...either it was because I was a kid, or they have really gone downhill!! The prizes are a joke.....you need TONS of tickets to get anything decent!! Now a days you have to go therea few times and save your tickets up to get a semi-decent prize!! Stinks for the kids...who look forward to getting a prize! The pizza is just horrible. Salad bar is okay...nothing to write home about. And the games seem to be repetitive.... so, so many video games. When we went last year, my son was just a tad young for video games. This year he is a bit more into them, so I think he may have a better time!!

It just seems like Chuck E. Cheese's caters to a little bit older children, as apposed to years ago.....But, the kiddies still love to go...and have fun..so that is all that really matters, right!

Are you going soon...here are a few coupons to save a little!!

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