Thursday, March 27

Free Fun With Books!!!

My son is now at the age where he like to keep busy....from playgroup, to crafts at the mall, to going here and there..he likes to be busy and have FUN!! He loves going to the library for story time...but it is not every week that they have it.

Barnes and Nobles offers many sometimes for various age groups on different days of the week. Sometimes even on Saturdays for those parents who work during the week. Usually they read a few age-appropriate stories to the kiddies and chit chat with them afterwards. We usually take a walk around after the stories and take a look at the cool books, kits, and more that they have there. My son has a great time there! It is especially great on a rainy day, or in the heart of the winter!! And best of all it is FREE!! Just be careful....unlike the library...the books you take home from Barnes and Nobles have to be purchased...not loaned and returned!! LOL LOL I always just tell my son before we go in.....this way he knows ahead of time. Anymore....he does not even ask for a book to bring we always have so many at home from the library already!!

They also have lots of other events as well for adults and older children too!!

To see a Barnes and Nobles Near you Click Here for times, days and activities they have!!

**Border's Bookstore also has various story times, book clubs events, guest speakers, and more...You can check to see What's going On at a Store Near you here!***

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