Saturday, March 15

My Kohl's Bargains!!!

Well, today I finally had a chance to get to Kohl's to see what bargains I could find. With my 30% off coupon in hand this is what I found......

A pair of Carter's Pajamas, a Tony Hawk hooded sweatshirt, 2 Sonoma Polo style shirts with a Tee underneath, and a Sonoma hooded sweatshirt. They were all for my son found is the boys section size 4-7. The original prices on all 5 items equaled a total of $100.00. They were all on clearance for a total of $27.60 minus my 30% off coupon....I paid ONLY $19.32!!

I am pretty excited!! 4 shirts and a pair of pajamas at about 80% off!!

Remember if you go, shop clearance!! That is where the best bargains are!! I really only like to buy items with 70 or 80% off clearance stickers!! You see now is the beast time to but for next winter as spring is just around the corner!! Remember make it fun...see how many great buys you can find!! Oh...and if you'd like brag...I would love to hear all about it!!!!

***They also had TONS of nice Valentines items at 80% off, and lots of women's intimates at 80% off as well. St. Patrick's stuff was at 70% off today....will go 80% probably by Monday or Tuesday!!

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