Friday, March 28

Fun Things To Do Around Philly for Half Price!!

Do you like to visit the zoo with you family? How about head to a Museum on a rainy Saturday afternoon? I know we as a family love to get out on the weekends and do fun family stuff. Especially since the weather is getting so nice lately!! Sometimes, however the price for our family to go to the Zoo, eat lunch (or should I say bring a packed lunch!) , pay to park, etc. can really add up quickly!! about if the admission tickets were half-price?? Makes you want to go out a bit more...right! I am all about the Free things to do around town, but sometimes on a certain weekend there is nothing Free that strikes our fancy going on. Or my son has put in a request to see the animals at the zoo, or the fish at The Aquarium, etc.

There is a great website that if you sign up they will email you each Thursday with a list of 1/2 price tickets being offered for that week. They change weekly...and offer a wide variety of different choices too (shows, the zoo, comedy shows, art, etc.)! You can purchase the tickets online, by phone, or print and take the email and pay when you get there. (Check each offer for available options to pay) It is a cool, affordable way to explore different attractions around Philly.

If you'd like to sign up, it is totally free...and they do not ask for a bunch of personal info, so need not worry! Click Here

Let me know if you head out with the family for 1/2 price!!

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SkyLaur said...

I love Philly Fun Guide! I have been a member for more than 4 years now - mostly recently I got $10 tickets to see the Frida Kahlo exhibit. Just a note: maybe 70% of the content on it is usually plays/musicals/classical music concerts etc, if you are an artsy play lover, it is a very good thing, if not, there are still tons of other events, now that it's getting warmer, there will probably be a lot of Philly walking & boat tours.