Tuesday, March 25

Spring Cleaning!!!

Ah yes...my absolute favorite time of year...really!!! I love springtime when for some reason I feel the absolute need to clear out closets, go threw the attic, clean out the shed, go threw the garage....etc. I constantly find myself getting rid of this, or that...things we no longer have a need for or have not used in a long while. So what to do with all the stuff we no longer have a place in our home for?? What better than to Freecyle it?

I love Freecyle!! I have been freecycling now for about 4 years now. It is a great site!! If you have something you no longer want/or need....you simply post it to the site and if someone would like it they will email you back for a pick-up time. I have seriously really cleaned out my house over the years threw Freecycle!! I have also gotten a few great items from it as well!! A few years back someone posted Free Weights and hubby and I headed over and picked them up....he used them to workout with until just this past December...when I bought him a new set of weights and bar for Christmas. Not to worry....we Freecycled them to someone else who was so excited to receive them!!! I have also recieved diapers, baby food, kids toys, and more!!

That is another great part of Freecyle..it really is a community!! I have met a lot of great people threw Freecyle. Even people who live just a few blocks away from us!!! As the name says it is totally FREE!!! Free to join...Free to post offers...and Free to receive!! There are so many Freecyle groups now...there is almost certainly one in your neighborhood! It is amazing to find out that the vase you got for Christmas from your Auntie a few years back is now "so loved" by it's new owner who adores it!!! It's a great feeling to makes someones day...like they say "Another Mans trash is someone else's Treasure"!!

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