Wednesday, March 26

Goodwill Online????

Have you ever been to a Goodwill Store near you?? Did you ever find anything good that you actually bought?? I have not been to one in a while...but used to go back before we had the kiddies. Just seems like we had more shopping time back the, I guess?? Anyway, the Goodwill stores near me (there are 4 within 10 miles of me) the last few times I went in seemed to very pricey. They would have items from Target that Target had salvaged and Goodwill would be asking more than the Clearance sticker said on the box from Target??? It just did not seem right to me!! As the item was a donation to them???? Especially since when you buy it from Target on at least have the option with a receipt of returning the item if you decide it is not what you wanted!!

Not to mention the store associates...they are always so darn rude!! I am the type of person that walks up to the register and says "Hello, how are you today?" Regardless of if the associate says Hello or not. At just seems like you are bothering them when you want to pay for the items you are purchasing!! Plus, the stores near me are pretty dirty...(with the exception of 1).

Well...maybe Goodwill is changing a they now have a Goodwill auction website . They seem to take the higher priced...."Worth a bit more items" and put them online to get more money for them. Maybe it is worth checking out?? They explain how to bid, paying tax on an item, combined shipping info and more here.

I would love to hear if you have already tried this before!! Any luck? I'm curious to see how it goes!!


Meghan said...

I glance now & again at the goodwill website but never find anything worth while.

I tend to go to the Goodwill on 38 & the employees are so rude. I like to go to just look at the housewares so I can alter them later. I have found some good bargains.

You do know that most of the employees are there, working off "community service" that a judge has required of them! I worked with someone who had to do that once.

Miss Mommy said...

Meghan..I was totally unaware that some employees are their working off "community service"...BUT knowing that now...that would explain why they seem to not want to be there...LOL