Tuesday, March 18

AC Moore...Two Day Sale!!!!

I have learn to become a very patient person when it comes to things I really want going on sale. My daughter is 13 months now, and since she was born I have been wanting to buy 3 or Gerber Daisy's (fake, of course) and place them in small glass vases and place them on the white shelf in her bedroom. Yes...the one shelf have been empty for over a year now!!! Maybe I am a bit to patient..lol lol

Anyway, my luck is changing...for 2 days March 21st and 22ND (this coming Friday and Saturday) AC Moore has Gerber Daisy Stems 2 for $1!!!! Man, you know where I will be 1st thing on Friday, right?? They also have a few more 2 day deals for $1 like....

- 6 sheets of 12x12 Open stock Card stock
-Sandy lion Essentials Stickers
-Bavano Tapestry Yarn Totes

They also have $3 and $5 specials those 2 days as well!! And if you would like to purchase something not on sale....You can make it on sale by using the coupon 50% off Any Regular priced item valid on Friday and Saturday ONLY!!!

To see the flier and print a coupon click here.

Now, all I have to do is find the vases on sale....how long will that take????

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