Wednesday, March 19

Check Out the Easter Flowers......

Well, I decided this year to be a bit smarter than last. I decided to purchase my Easter flowers today as apposed to before the "Easter Flower Craziness" lol. I have tried many places in the past few years to buy Easter Flowers...and keep going back to one place! Produce Junction!!

Produce Junction, as the name states has lots and lots of fruit, veggies, eggs, flowers, and seasonal items as well. Everything is pre-bagged and very reasonably priced!! (Fuji Apples 3/$1.00, Iceberg Lettuce 2 heads/$1.00..bag of baby carrots $1.00...etc.) We head there once a week to load up on our produce for the week for under $12.00. They also have annuals and perennials in the spring...they are always so beautiful, so many varieties, and always at a great price!!

I headed there today for my Easter Flowers and eggs to dye with the kiddies fr tomorrow. I bought 6 very pretty Easter Flowers (Tulips, Gerbera Daisies, Begonias) and and two dozen eggs for under $22!! I was very happy with that!!

Last year, my sis-in-law said that she and hubby stopped last year on the way to our house and picked up Easter Flowers on the way at some random place and paid $12.99 for one plant....WOW!!!! And guess what they were the same size as the ones I had purchased at produce and wrapped up just as nice as well!!

As with most perishable things, shop early for the best selection....this definitely applies to Produce Junction!! I have never gotten anything bad there...but things do sometimes get very picked over, as there are a very, VERY busy place!!!

***Just a little note***: I was at Shop Rite today to pick up my FREE ham.....(well, almost free spiral ham, anyway!) and they had a bunch of Easter flowers out front of the store 3/$10. If you do not have a Produce Junction nearby...try Shop Rite. The flowers looked very nice!!

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