Saturday, March 29

Savings, Savings, Savings!!!

It is so very important...especially now with all the recession talk to start saving a bit of money!!I know, I know I sound like your nagging Mother...but hey, at least you know two people are looking out for you....right?? LOL LOL My own mother taught me years ago that every little bit saved is a good thing!! (Thanks Mom!!) You just never know!! Even if it is just $10 a week. You have to start somewhere right?? And most importantly is to make it automatic...meaning have the $10 or so taken directly out of your you will not forget..EVER!! Then when you get a raise, bonus, or cut out a latte here or a lunch out there...add it your savings account. It is very easy to do, I promise ( I did it..LOL)!! And so very addictive to see just how much you can save over a few weeks, months, even a year!!

A great place to sign up to start savings is ING. They pay a bit higher interest rates than your traditional bank, have no hidden fees, no service charges, and NO minimum balance in an Orange Savings account. Right now they are paying 3% had been up to about 4.25% a few months back before all the "R" worries. Not to worry, over time I am sure it will go up again! As an incentive to start saving right away....if you sign up threw a friend referral link, and open an Orange Savings Account or Electric Orange with at least $250, ING will also deposit a $25 bonus in your new account and I will receive a $10 thank you bonus in my Orange Savings Account or Electric Orange account. ING is FDIC insured as with most other banks as well.

ING is very convenient and can be done right online (or threw the mail if you prefer). It is very easy to sign up and can be hooked up to an already existing bank account you already have! We have been a member of ING since 2003 and have just love it!!

If this sounds like something you would like to look me or leave your email Addy in the comment and I will be more than happy to email you a link.

Head Off to Start Saving!!!!

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