Monday, March 31

Pampers and Cheerios.....

Well having a little one I am always buying two items very regularly in my house....Pampers diapers and Cheerios cereal. Last week I stocked up on Pampers and when I opened up a pack of them today...guess what was inside?? A Cheerios coupon for $1.50 off 1 box. A great money saver for me!! This way when it goes on sale I should be able to get a big box for about 50 cents!! Yippee!! (Man, do I get excited way too easily, or what??)

My in-laws also purchased me some Cheerios cereal last week...and just gave the boxes to me last night. Guess what?? $1.50 off coupons for Papers diapers on the back of the box!! Yeah!!

So keep a look out! The Pampers bags had no such info on the package to let you know that a Cheerios coupons was enclosed...Usually I had been getting a Swipers wipes coupon for 50 cents off...(which I have NEVER used...and have like 10 of them!) I have yet to find them in any store I shop at?? So the Cheerios coupons are way better for me!! The Pampers coupons were on the back of the Cheerios you can see them!

Just wanted to pass along!! Maybe you get just as excited as me about coupons???? LOL LOL

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