Monday, March 24

Have Digital Photos to Print??

If you are anything like me over the past few days you have been snapping tons and tons of Easter related photos. Now you would like to print some to share with others, place in frames and albums/photo boxes, etc. I must admit I am usually not all on top of my photo printing like I should be. I usually wait until I have a TON.....then sit on the computer for a good hour or so and find the ones I would like to print. Takes forever that way...none the less in some case by the time I print some of the older photos...the kiddies have already moved onto the next milestone. So that 1st tooth in the photo, or that cool guy my son crafted out of play now a baby a few months older with 5 teeth, and the Play doh is now a bigger, better, molded Dinosaur lol

So maybe you need a bit of motivating as well. Maybe some photo printing deals will do it to you...I know the deals ALWAYS motivate me a bit lol

I am a regular user of Snapfish and have used Shutterfly a few times too. I have been very pleased with both of them. Snapfish's shipping does sometimes take a bit long, other times faster than fast. Just depends on them I guess?? You can order Snapfish prints online and pick them up at your Walgreen store if you'd like too. This does avoid shipping costs...but the per print price is slightly higher! I do it this way for my mother-in-law sometimes if she wants photos of the kiddies in a flash. I ordered my daughter's Thank You photo notes from her birthday from Shutterfly and they turned out awesome!! They had lots, and lots of backgrounds to choose from, and many letter fonts and styles as well. Shipping threw them was very FAST!!

My cousin had also told me great things about Wink flash and Clark Color Labs as well. I have yet to use either of them as of yet...but I think I will use one of them today to print the Easter photos. Why not right??
I prefer to print photos online as apposed to in-store because the kiddies are not to into standing by the kiosk in the store while I pick out photos. For me in-home is just alot easier and cheaper too!!

Here are a few deals I came across.....


*$5 off a $25 purchase at Shutterfly, use code AF41-4808 at checkout. Offer valid until 4-8-2008.

*Free Shipping on any order over $25 and 25 Free prints for NEW customers only threw this link. Offer ends 4-8-2008 also.


* 50 Free 4x6 Prints.......use code Coupon Code: WF95WF27

Clark Color Labs-

* 20 Free prints when you sign up for an account.


*For every fifty 4" x 6" or 5"x 7" prints, add an 8" x 10" print for FREE when you use coupon code BIGPRINT08. Offer Expires on March 31st. Click here

*20 Free Prints when you sign up for an account. Click here As always they have 9 cent prints.


Anonymous said...

I have gotten good quality prints from Clarks before—Pixamo also has a good product with quick shipping.

Miss Mommy said...

Thnaks for the tip...I will have to give them a try!!