Saturday, March 8

Need Under-the-Sink Storage??

It seems under most people's kitchen sinks are all the cleaning products one uses on a regular basis....not to mention the extra kitchen sponges, paper towels, scrub brushes, dishwasher detergent, foils, and whatever else you can stuff in the cabinet...sound familiar?? Well....that is the way mine used to be....before I had kids that under my sink is just a few Tupperware containers.......My daughter, I think she may grow up to be a professional object thrower....I swear. She is getting pretty good at knowing which things are off-limits and throwing them super fast as I walk towards her to take them away!!! She's no lol

Anyway, I was looking at my sale ads and saw this Under-the-sink Storage Shelf...and it looks like it would be a great tool to help stay organized! If you have a disposal, or low drain pipe the shelf would just go around it..this way less wasted space! Bed Bath & Beyond has it for $19.99....but if you use a $5/15 purchase coupon...that would get it down to $14.99 plus tax. Or if you do not have a $5 off can use a 20% off coupon to save $4.00 off. It looks like it is out of stock online right now...but I am sure they have it in-store, better anyway so you can save on shipping charges.

**Remember both Linens N Things and Bed Bath & Beyond accept each others coupons AND they can be Expired too!!! So never throw them never know when you may need one!!**

Happy Organizing!

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