Sunday, March 30

Need Diapers This Week??

I am fully stocked up myself....but if you are in need of are in luck!! This week CVS has their brand of Jumbo pack Diapers 2/$12 in-store.

I frequently buy CVS diapers and I just love them!! They are very absorbent, have never had one leak on me (for 2 kiddies now), and they are very reasonably priced when on sale! And now they have stretchier tabs than previously and now have Calliou on them. I have only ever bought the Premium CVS diapers, as I have never tried the Ultra Thins. You get a few more diapers with the Ultra Thins...but I'd rather not take my chances. Nothing worse than a leaking diaper in the middle of the night, right??

Maybe you have tried the Ultra Thins at CVS? I would love to hear your thoughts about them if you have. I guess you can say I am "too chicken" to try them before I hear some feedback about them first....LOL LOL

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