Wednesday, March 19

Entertainment Book...Do You Have One??

As a family we like to eat out about once a week (A night off of cooking.....yeah!!) Sometimes just a sandwich at the deli, sometimes at a restaurant, sometimes even just take-out. This can get very expensive.....So, we vow to try and eat out only with a coupon in hand! Plus, it is WAY more fun to see just how much you can lol There are a few rare occasions when we go out with friends and then we splurge without a coupon, but once in the blue we feel is okay!! To help us stay in our out-to-eat budget we sometimes use an Entertainment book coupon when we head out.

I bought my first Entertainment book way back about 7 years ago. And I have been a loyal patron ever since. The usual cost is between $25-$40 when the new book comes out (usually September)...NOW it is 50% off the regular retail price. The coupons in the book are for B1G1 Free and $$$ off coupons, good on meals attractions, car rentals, amusements, snacks, grocery, car washes, services, and much, much more!!! The coupons are valid until late November...some even until late December.

We have eaten at quite a few restaurants and probably never would of tried with the Entertainment book coupon. Plus, this way you never have to say"Where Do We Eat Tonight". You will now have a whole book to look threw to decide!!!

You can preview the Entertainment book for your area...just click here.

Maybe you already have an Entertainment book...How do you like it????

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