Wednesday, March 12

Digital Picture Frames...Need One??

I have been seeing the prices drop on them starting right after Christmas. I have yet to purchase one for our home....but do think they are kind of cool! I just wanted to wait until my daughter is out of the "throwing things stage", if you know what I mean....I would hate to see it thrown on the floor and in a million pieces!! So, why tempt her, right? I'll hold out a bit longer.

We purchased my mother-in-law one for Christmas...and she loves it!! She just loves pictures period, really. But the grand kids get a kick out of seeing pictures of themselves flash for a few second on the frame then onto the next one.

If you are in the market for one...right now Amazon has this Coby 7-Inch Digital Photo Frame for just $49.99 and it ships FREE using Super saver Shipping!! Think Mother's Day!!!


Meghan said...

Ya know, I got one of these for Xmas & I have yet to open it.
I am going to bring it with me to work but am just that lazy that I haven't done anything with it.
You know, it envolves effort, like reading the directions & after a day of work & then taking care of an 18 mos old, I only want to do mindless things! LOL

Miss Mommy said...

Your too funny Meghan! I will offer you these words of encouragement.....If my mother-in-law can figure it out...anyone