Sunday, March 16

Free Fisher Price Toy!!

This week starting today...Toys R Us is running a special on Fisher Price Toys. If you buy one FP toy priced $19.99 and up and you receive a FREE FP toy up to $19.99. My kiddies have so many FP toys and they just love them!! Here are a few of our family favorites.....

-Laugh and Learn House
-Geo Trax
-Laugh and Learn Puppy
-Laugh and Learn Piggy Bank
-Laugh and Learn Vacuum
-Bubble Mower
-Medical Kit

As you know, to get the best deal....stay as close to $19.99 as you can (on the toy you plan to buy)...this way each toy will be around $10.00 plus tax!!

Maybe this will help out with Easter or an upcoming birthday present??

Happy Savings!!

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