Tuesday, March 25

Tis the Season For Consignment Sales......

Yes, that's right...spring is here!! Time for the consignment sales to start. Consignment sales are great places to purchase gently-used items for the kiddies on a budget. Around me the SJ Mom of Multiples has 2 annual Consignment Sales one in March and one in September. I have never personally been to one they have held...but have heard from many people it is the place to be!! I think hubby and I will head there next Sunday to see what it is all about! I am always looking for some great deals on clothes for my daughter!! My son is now into boys sizes...and if you have one you know...they are a tad rough on clothes!! After they are done with the pants and shirts...most times they are trash...lol lol

***A Few Tips Before You Go***

-Make sure you know what sizes you are shopping for....usually at the sales items are piled/sorted by sizes. Just remember that not all brands run the same way size wise!! Also take into consideration shrinkage...these items are previously worn therefore have also been washed and dried as well. Be sure to know your brands or bring a clothing item from home to measure up too. This way you know it will fit!!

-Bring Cash! Nothing like finding a great deal and you do not have enough cash to cover it!!

- Have a good plan with you on what your child needs clothing wise!! This will save time at the sale when you only have to look for what you actually need. This will also potentially save you money as well....even if it is a great deal on an item...but your little one already has three of them, you will know to by-pass the item!! Remember, it's only a good deal if you really need it!!

-If you are looking to buy used car seats, cribs, etc. be sure to check the recalls list and even print it out before you go.

-And most of all have FUN!!! If you are well prepared before you even get there you are sure to have a great time!!


Meghan said...

I always wanted to go to this but honestly, I thought you had to be a mom of multiples to attend. DUH!

Where is it this year???

Miss Mommy said...

Hi Meghan....

That's okay...I have WAY too many of those DUH! moments as well!!!

This Year they are having it at the “The Blue Barn” on
Tuckerton Rd in Marlton.

Here is the link to the directions from their site: http://www.sjmoms.com./onopen.htm

If you go...let me know how you make out!!