Monday, March 3

Eating Home or Out???

Which is cheaper these days?? Sometimes, for us it is a toss up! I receive the Rachael Ray magazine in the mail once a month and get so excited about checking out the recipes we can try. Something new and exciting, I am sure you know all about trying to decide what to have for dinner, right? Well, about a month ago they had a Ruben pita pizza, it just looked delicious! We just had to try it.....So I thought I would buy the ingredients at the store to make them for dinner one night.....Well, first I headed to the deli.....I needed Swiss cheese and Corned Beef.....WOW.....$12.99 a lb. and $7.99 a lb. Little pricey for my blood....I would need a lb. of the corned beef and 1/2 of the cheese....then I would need the dough, sauerkraut, mayo, ketchup, pickles, and olive oil to complete the recipe.....Guess what, for the $20 or so I would spend on the ingredients....hubby and I can go out to get 2 sandwiches and a drink at our local deli.....and then I do not even have to cook!

These days sometimes I am finding that is is just a few dollars more, or even cheaper to just eat out. I am not saying Every meal.....just some of the more expensive meals it costs to make. It also helps that when we do eat out it is almost always with a coupon!! Of, course I am sure you already knew

Other meals are way cheaper at home to make (roasts, whole chicken, spaghetti w/meatballs, burgers on the grill, taco night, chicken Cesar salads...and more).....and sometimes even tastier at home....Plus, sometimes it is a family effort to make the dinner, which is a lot of fun that no restaurant has to offer!!

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