Friday, March 21

WOW, Good Times With Easter Eggs!!!!

Last night we decided to dye Easter eggs. Wow...we had some real fun...wish you could of seen it!! Actually, I think people may of even paid to see the time we had...seriously! First off, my son was ready to start first thing yesterday every about 20 minutes he would ask "Is it Time to Dye Eggs Yet"?? He was so psyched about it, he did not even take a nap today, he just couldn't fall asleep!!

Finally, 5pm came and my sister and the kiddies came over and my mom and the fun began. The eggs were flying out of the cartons so fast, painted with glow-in-the-dark paint, then dipped in color all in about 3 minutes flat per egg. The kiddies are WAY fast at it!! As soon as they see a bit of color on an's done they lol Let me just tell you than 4.5 dozen eggs were all prettied up in about 35 minutes or so!

Then the real fun began.....they decided they wanted to put stickers on all the colored, painted, semi-dried eggs. SO......they attempted to sticker up all the eggs....but found the stickers do not stick all that they busted out the sticky tape!! (As Dora Calls it, Thanks Dora...for teaching the kiddies all about how scotch tape can fix anything!) lol lol Well, they had so many eggs out of the cartons, and holders that they started rolling of of the table...and guess what???? I am a tad embarrassed to even admit this.....but it is true.......they eggs cracked and yolk came, out??? WHAT??? I had them boiling for a bit this morning?? How could this of happened??

Well folks...good thing I am not giving my 2 cents on cooking....I promise I am a much better deal finder!!!!

Anyway....everyone had good laughs and least I can make people laugh, right?? Or at least that is how I am justifying my cooking skills...or lack there of!!!!

Hey...if you'd like to get some fun family time in....pick-up a few dozen eggs, couple dye kits and for about $10 you have a cheap fun night ahead of you!! Have Fun!!

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