Monday, March 17

Glass Plus Refill Kits.....

About a month ago I was at Target shopping and they had a few cleaning items on Clearance, one of the items being a Glass Plus refill kit. I have never tried using them before, but I thought for $.08....hey I must give it a try! It was on clearance for $1.08 and I had a $1.00 off manufacturer coupon too!! So I bought it...and then waited for my Windex bottles to run out....To make cleaning a bit easier I make sure to have a Windex bottle on each floor, as to always have easy access to it. I finally made up a bottle of Glass Plus using the refill kit yesterday.

The directions are very simple...just empty out your old Glass Plus bottle, rinse, then let bottle air dry over night. Next day, put in Glass Plus refill and fill up with warm water...and watch it dissolve. It was very easy to do, and they best part there is NO mess to clean-up as the whole packet dissolves right in the bottle!! I then started to Windex like ( just kidding) I did test it out on a few windows, my table, etc. and it works very well, just like to pre-made Glass Plus!!

As a mom with little ones....I am always windexing something!! I think the glass just calls out to the kiddies..."Touch Me", Touch Me"!! I thought these refills were way cool! They take up very little space in the cabinet (if space is a problem for you), are very, very reasonable, and are way less waste too! If I ever came across them on sale again, or on Clearance I would definitely buy again.

Just thought you may like to know!!

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