Wednesday, March 12

What Are Your Thrifty Ways???

I can remember long ago when hubby and I were dating and he would pick me up to go out to dinner and a movie and I had coupons for both!! Yes, of course not on the first few dates...(wanted to be polite!) I always had a coupons of some sort to many of the restaurants nearby, either from the entertainment book, Sunday paper, mailing I received, etc. For the movies...we would only go to one of two theaters to receive the student discount (was in college at the time). Now I am a Hubby loves it now...and now if we go out he waits for the coupon to emerge from my

I love being's so much fun!! It's like a rush for me sorta....cannot wait to see how much I can save on this deal or that!! Plus keeps you on your toes to always be on the look out!!

Besides using coupons....there are several other ways...I try to save as well.

*Go to the Car Wash only on 1/2 Off Days....Love to have a clean car, also love to pay half price for the car wash!! Hey, my car looks just as clean as the guy who paid full price yesterday, right?
Most car washes have special days...Men's Day, Ladies Day, Senior Day and some even take competitors coupons too!!

*Use washcloths to Windex with....I am a Windex a-holic...The kiddies love to touch like.. Everything!!! I was going threw paper towels like crazy...SO I purchased a few packs of 12-washcloths and just use them, wash in washer, than re-use them!! They work great!!! I have purchased these at Kohl's and Target for about $2.99 a 12-pack (on sale, of couse!). I buy the washcloths in the towels dept. as they are cheaper and work better than dish clothes! I also buy white ones so I can bleach them now and again. Of course, I still do buy paper towels...but at a much slower rate!!

* Use washcloths to wipe kiddies hands and faces off after eating...of course, different ones than I use for the windex-ing! Same idea though...saves on buying so many baby wipes!!

* Hang dry my laundry- I really started this for the shrinking factor in the beginning. As hubby is over 6 foot and has extremely long if I dried his clothing they became too short on him. Now I hang dry everyone's clothes...except for a under garments, bath towels, and socks.
I just pop the whole load in the dryer for about 10 minutes then stop it, hang up everything except the few items I do dry in the dryer and then let them air dry. This does save some gas, and really does save the clothes as well. Our clothing is NEVER faded, has no pills, and lasts a lot longer!!

* Plan weekly meals around what is one sale that week...I know, I know sometimes you just crave something for dinner...and most of the time I have a stockpile of items we use and can make what (if) we are craving. If not, it is okay to splurge once in a while...and after a bit you realize just how much more that steak costs when not on sale, and soon you start not crave on non-sale

*Buy the big jug of hand soap and refill your soap dispenser instead buying of the individual throw-away dispensers...I never realized just how much you save!!!

*Always turn off the light when we leave a room....My mother has trained me well on this one....she was always telling me this as a kid....I am still trying to get hubby as good as I am about

*Check out your local library.....Our local library always has crafts for kids, movie night, movie rentals for $1.00 (for 5 days), sometimes workshops for adults and kids, pajamas night, and more!! And most of the times it is free or very, very low cost!!

*Watch your cell phone bill charges.... if you do not text message drop it from you plan! Not using all your minutes? Lower your minutes plan if you can.

*Save on gas.....with the price of gas these days ($3.00 a gallon) try to run a few errands in one area...this way as to not drive all over the place.

*Eat at Home... I am the first one to tell you just love eating out...BUT it does cost a bit if you like eating out, if you must.... be sure to use a coupon., or go on the night they have a special (usually weeknights, kids night, dinner specials, B1G1 1/2 price, etc.). Or maybe just reduce the amount of days you eat out.

*Pack your lunch...Or at least 4 days a week....splurge on Friday, eat sure deserve it!! Think about it....$6 day times 5 days = $30. You could just eat out one day and save $24 a week and put it in the bank for a rainy day!! That would equal almost $100 a month! Awesome!!!

I am sure there are lot and lots of more ways I am thrifty as well...these are just a few that popped into my head right now. I am sure I will think of a hundred more

Hopefully these will give you some ideas. How are you thrifty???

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SkyLaur said...

Sorry I can't offer any money saving tips...I shop at Whole Foods, land of few sales/coupons and no shoppers reward cards...I am usually crying all over my $1 ea. organic apples when it come time to pay.