Sunday, March 16

All This for $4.00!!!!!

Well, I headed over to Acme this morning...and man did I get some deals!!! This week until Thursday, they are having a few great deals!!

This is what I purchased.....

-2- boxes of Golden Grahams
-2- boxes of Honey Nut Chex
-1- box Strawberry Chex
-1- box of Cheerios
-1- box of Trix
-1- box of Lucky Charms
-4- boxes of Pop Secret Popcorn (3 bag ct.)
-1- bag of Chex Mix

I spent a total of only $4.00 for everything!!!!

How do you ask????
Acme has coupons in the weekly sale ad for....
1. $8.00 for 8 boxes of select cereals
2. $5.00 for select Chex Mix, Curves popcorn and Pop Secret popcorn
3. $8.00 for 8 BC Fruit Snacks, Nature Valley Granola Bars, or Curves Bars (had also but did not use)

I used these coupons today...
-ACME coupons 1 & 2 (savings of $12.00 and $7.50)
-(2) .75 off a box of Chex cereal (doubles to $1.00)
-(1) 1.00 off a box of Chex Strawberry cereal
-(1) 1.00 off a box of Cheerios
-(2) 1.00/2 boxes of General Mills cereals
-(2) .50/2 boxes Pop Secret Popcorn (doubles to $1.00)
-(1) .50/1 Chex Mix (doubles to $1.00)

Savings of $27.50 in coupon savings!!

I got most of the coupons from this Sundays Papers ( I get both the Inquier and CP delivered on the weekends for the extra coupons!), a few coupons in the past few weeks papers, and the one Chex coupon from All You Magazine. $1.00 off Cheerios coupon from GM.

I know that is quite a bit of cereal and popcorn....but I will give my mom a box, my sister a box or two and will stockpile the rest. My sons new thing is eating cereal for an after dinner now I am loaded up!!! I am sure it will be gone in no time at

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