Monday, March 31

The Coolest Kiddies Pool!!!

My son just loves the summer weather....running threw the sprinkler, going to the park, playing soccer outside, and most of all playing in the pool out back. In fact just last week we had a 63 degree day and my son was all ready to open up the box with the pool inside to set it up!!! And just yesterday he wore his flip flops to my Dad's house. He is so ready for SUMMER!!! My daughter is following in his footsteps I think too...with the LOVE for the outdoors. As soon as it is time to head inside after being outside for a bit....she starts to scream!! And when she sees her BIG brother outside threw the window she goes and opens up the closet door to for me to get her jacket...she's too funny!!

My sister-in-law bought them a pool for this summer already...if we had not received that pool.....I would for sure be getting them this one Kohl's has for my daughter and nephew to play in!!! They have this Magic Sprinkles Whale Pool on sale for just $13.79 on sale from $22.99. It has a Motorized whale that swims and sprinkles water!! How cool is that???

Plus, right now Kohl's has standard $5 shipping on your order. And if you use your Kohl's charge....use coupon code PICK15MAR at checkout and you can save an additional 15% off everything you buy!! This code is valid until April 8, 2008

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