Thursday, March 20

It Was Picture Day....

Yes, yesterday my sister and I attempted to take the gang to get pictures at JC Penny Portrait Studios. (NO, were are not crazy!!) The photographer got to take 4 pictures of all four of the little ones...well, where they were all facing front and sorta My nephew was the one cheesing in all of the first 4 pictures......then the photographer decided to switch the pose and that was it...he was all done with the pictures!! It was time to have a cracker and his sippy cup!!! Then my daughter very quickly followed his lead and felt the same way!! Two peas in a pod, I suppose. The photographer then took a nice picture of the older kiddies and it turned out very nice!! So, we did better than expected with picture day yesterday! We walked out with pictures of the whole gang, and a nice picture of the 2 oldest kiddies too, as a bonus!

I joined JC Penny Portrait Club about a year ago. It was just $29.99 or so (cannot remember exactly) good for 2 years. What this gives you is NO sitting Fees!!! When I had just my son I never joined the club since they always have coupons out for a FREE sitting fee for the 1st child. But, now with 2 kiddies...I would have to pay that $9.99 each time I got pictures taken of the two of them (which is about 4-5 times per year). So, joining actually saved me money in the long I have already been there 5 times in the past year. Membership in the club also offers a discount on Enhancements too (I think 20% off) But, I am WAY to cheap to get them so really do not know much about the savings there!!! lol lol

They always have coupons out too...they are a real big money saver. Either you can get $3.99 sheets or a $7.99 Portrait Package Deal. The Portrait Package is -2- 8x10's, -2- 5x7's, -4- 3.5x5's and some wallets and billfolds too. If you opt for the Portrait Package all your pictures in the package are of the same pose that you choose out of the pictures taken. If I am really in love with an additional picture they take in a different pose I buy one sheet for $9.99. NO sorry, they do not allow you to use both the $3.99 and $7.99 Portrait deal coupons together....(wouldn't it be nice, though!) But, hey they have to make a little money somewhere, right?

Also, when you go back in 2 weeks to pick up your portraits...they also print 3 additional prints in different poses, formats and sizes (i.e. calender, black and white, cropping, etc.) that you have the option to purchase for $6 a sheet or all 3 for $15. Most of the time I usually end up buying all 3 additional sheets they offer too!!

I really like JC Penny Portrait Studios....I have been going there for many years now...there are a few things you should know before you go....
*Bring snacks/sippy cup/toy to occupy your little one while you pick out your photos.
*Be on time!
*Make an Appointment! (Early morning is best)
*Try not to go too close to an upcoming holiday!! (Last year for Christmas pictures I went in November, the 1st day they actually offered Christmas back lol)
*DO not feel pressured into buying tons, and tons of pictures!! Just remember there are way more pictures to be taken of your little one!!
*Have fun!!!


Meghan said...

I've never tried JCPenneys.
I have tried Target...YUCK! The girl was horrid & couldn't engage any of the 3 kids.

I usually go to Kiddie Kandids inside BRUS b/c they are wonderful with my little one.

For his 18 mos portraits I decided to try Portrait Innovations in Mt. Laurel on 38 (in the Borders shopping center), they were Fabu!

You got your pics in 30 mins. They took 60 shots you can pick from. The photographer took her time and the package was only $9.99 (one pose). I took my dad with me & he bought additional poses but I was only going to get the pkge.

I would definitely go back.
Just thought I would let you know if you ever want to give them a try!

Miss Mommy said...

I will actually have to give them a try..they recently sent me a card in the mail!