Wednesday, March 5

My 2 Cents on Buy Buy Baby....

A new baby store just opened up not too far from our home is the last few weeks called Buy Buy Baby. It has taken me a little time...but today I finally got the chance to visit. They had sent me a coupon in the of, course that motivated me to go a little

So, I entered the store...very large, well organized, clean, and many associates around the store to help you, if need be. I went in to look for another Easter dress and sweater for my daughter. I headed to the baby department...and could not located one Easter associate approached and called for some assistance on her walkie in finding the location of girls Easter dresses. The other associate came over and said "Sorry, what we have is out on the floor". They had a bunch of layette, pajamas, rompers, TONS of onsies, socks, sunglasses, summer sets, but No Easter dresses. The associate said they did just get in these solid color sweaters just the other day.....they were $27.99...and not nearly dressy enough to go with an Easter dress!! I saw a much nicer sweater at Babies R Us for just $12.99!!

I took a quick walk around the store.....they carry a lot of items!! From strollers to bottles, to baby baths, and little tikes toys, and much, much more! It is very similar to a Babies R Us....with the Expensive prices as well!!!

Needless to say, I still have my coupon in my purse...maybe I will stop in again before it expires next month...but I doubt it. I hope they do well....and prove me wrong!!


Meghan said...

Hey, I hit up Buy Buy Baby a few weeks back.
I spent some moola but used both my 20% coupons that I had.
I thought the same, expensive, but they had a child size broom that I was looking for since my son is fascinated with mine. I bought it & it was the best $8 I spent!!! He all but sleeps with it. LOL
BRUS is cheaper tho. & I, too, was disappointed in their clothing selection.
They advertise going up to 3 yrs old & I couldn't find anything for my 2T son.

Miss Mommy said...

My son was the same way with my I bought hime a pretend Hoover from Target for like $15 and that thing lasted over a year...You should oeen it when we tossed