Saturday, March 22

What's In Your Kiddies Easter Basket From the Bunny??

I read this great article today in the paper. So when did the Easter Bunny start putting so many gifts in the Easter Basket??? Click Here to Read I remember as a kid growing Easter Basket would have a large chocolate bunny, some Peeps Marshmallows, lots of kisses, Hershey's miniatures, jellybeans, and some Reese's cups all in a pretty basket with a big bow on top!! And man...Was that not the best breakfast day of the year as a kid??? Who doesn't like a BIG chocolate bunny for breakfast???

Now a is a bit different. And in some ways I think much better...for the younger kiddies , anyway! In my sons basket this year are 3 DVD movies, a 5-pack of Hot Wheels cars, a roll of bubble gum, a chocolate bunny, one chocolate egg, a few Kisses, and a few Reece's cups (maybe 5-7 of each!!). For my daughter, she got a new toy wrapped with a big bow on it. A bit too large to fit in the Easter basket. **I am pretty close to the bunny to know all this ahead of time!!*** lol lol

I would say the bunny spent maybe $30 on both kiddies total. The bunny is a frequent shopper at Ross for DVDs, and one is from the Pampers Go to Grow Program (just had to pay shipping). The cars were bought on clearance at Target a while back, as was my daughter's Fisher Price toy (75% of to be exact!...sorry, a BIT excited!!!). As far as the few pieces of candy....I had a B1G1 Free Russel Stover Bunny coupon, and a B2G1 Free Russel Stover Egg coupon. My sister and I went halves on these (one for my son, one for her daughter). As we also went halves on the 2 bags of candy. We bought them at CVS last week (on sale for 2/$3) and had manufacturers coupons for both bags.

In my case I think the kiddies are way too young for all that candy!! Yes, some candy is fine...I am not that mean, come on!! Plus, the kiddies will be finding Eggs left by the Bunny at 2 of their Titi's (Aunt's) houses tomorrow too!!! I think that little presents are a great idea for the Easter Baskets!! As far as my daughter goes, candy is out of the question!! Not, like she really has any idea of what Easter is all about...BUT I know my son would ask..."Where is sisters Easter Basket???" So, hubby and I decided to get her a toy to play along.

I just choose a budget for the Easter Baskets and stuck too it!! Trust me know one would ever know I only spent what I did for what I got! I just had been on the look-out for items and when I saw a deal I took advantage of it!!

What was in the basket/s the Bunny dropped of at your house????

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