Sunday, March 30

Free InkJet Cartrige Refill On Wednesday!!

Yes, that's right at Walgreens...Wednesday 4/2/08 ONLY!!! . They don't refill any Epson or Canon cartridges, but they do fill a good number of lexmark, HP and Dell. You get 1 color OR black free refill per person. Here is a list of cartridges they Do refill. Click Here.

I had gotten a black HP refill done at Walgreens back in September (I think around then) when they had the FREE refill then too. I was totally pleased with it...worked great! I dropped it off at about 10 am and picked it up the next day around 12 noon. It was done and waiting for me. No problems at all.

The cashier at my local Walgreens did say they did have to tell a few people towards the end of the day it would take 48 for their refill to be complete. But, for free...I wouldn't really mind a bit!!

You will need to take this coupon (Click Here) with you OR it is in your local Walgreens paper that came out today!

Let me know how you make out if you go!!

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