Thursday, August 7

What to do With The Empties???

I am a huge fan of refilling our ink I have had much success with Walgreen's for this. I especially LOVE the Free refills they occasionally offer!!! They also have specials for 50% off ink refills too on occasion. But after a few's time for a fresh one!!

We just purchased a new ink cartridge for our printer the other day and got around to opening up the box tonight to install it. As I was opening the box a paper fell out and to the floor it dropped. I opened it up....and guess what it was??? A little prepaid envelope to mail back my empty ink cartridge to HP for recycling.

You also may want to check out Staples.....they also recycle ink cartridges as well. You get $3 in rewards per cartridge for recycling...... and will get paid at the end of each quarter as long as you earn $10 per quarter. Otherwise your amount will roll over to the next quarter. You must be a Staples Rewards member to participate in their program, if not a member you can sign up here Free!!

Staples program also offers 10% back in rewards on ink and toner, case and ream paper, and Copy & Print Center purchases as well.

Know of any other ink cartridge recycling programs??


Angie said...

I've been impressed with Walgreens refills as well. Thay are so cheap and seem to last FOREVER! :)

Anonymous said...

Office Depot takes them back and you get $3.00 for each cartridge that you return. I wait until I get a few and I stock up on toilet tissue there. Yup! Free toilet tissue from Office Depot!