Tuesday, August 26

Wow!! Who's On The Bag???

Have you ever opened up a can of mixed fruit after dinner and passed a small bowl of it to everyone at the dinner table. It is a great,sweet, light snack after a delicious dinner. Did you ever receive a response from a little one at the table....."No thanks...I'll pass on tonight's dessert!!" Well, I have heard that reply far to often around our table!!!

Or what about the cereal straw commercial that Little Man saw on TV a while back? Every time we were at ShopRite, or Walmart for several months he would beg me to buy a box of them! I finally did when they went on sale and I had a coupon.....guess what??? He slurped down a 1/2 a cup of milk through one straw and never asked for another!!! In fact I just threw the box out.....they went stale we have had them for so long!!!

I try my best to try and offer healthy, better for your body snack and food choices daily to the kiddies!! But it is hard sometimes when they see a cartoon character on TV promoting giant chocolate fudge cookies!!! Or seeing Superman on a box of junk cereal PLUS a free toy inside.......when on the Cheerios box there is nothing fancy!! Why would kiddies want to get the Cheerios??? Because they are healthier for them???
But what if manufactures started putting well known cartoons, and people kiddies recognize on healthy food choices too?? Would that make them choose healthier foods to snack on?

Well today while at ShopRite I saw they had bags of boxed raisins with Lightening McQueen on the front. I took a walk over and checked them out(2 bags for $3). The bag contained roughly 15 mini boxes of raisins in Trading Card style boxes. Each box has a character on both sides of the box. There are also a few trivia questions on the back of the bag. How cute, I thought. Little Miss loves raisins....so I grabbed 2 bags and was on my way to the next isle.

Little Man noticed the Lightening McQueen bags in the cart and he asked what was inside. I opened up a box and he gave them a try. Guess what?? He ate 2 boxes of raisins while telling me all about Ramone, Lightening McQueen, and Doc Hudson. I asked him if he liked them and he said "Yes, Cars raisins are way better then the others you buy"!! A success!! Little Man ate raisins today......Yippee!!!

I know that several companies are now starting to follow this trend and I really hope it continues...as I think more and more kids would be willing to try different, healthier foods and feel optimistic about it. The character on the front of the bag can help the kiddies feel a little more comfortable and excited about trying something out!!
Have you bought a product with a character or cartoon on the front? Would your kiddies of eaten it regardless of the character? Or was the character an added plus on the product?
I'd love to know what you think or tried!!

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Elizabeth said...

Yaaaa! Finally health food with Dora on it! LOL. I'm the same way with my girls. I've also stumbled upon the "character" raisins at the store & think they are great!