Monday, August 18

In The Darndest Places...

In our local Sunday paper each and every week there is a little magazine called USA Weekend. It contains a few celeb tidbits, a few articles, crossword, horoscope, etc. I usually never, ever look through it, much less read it. But a few weeks back, I happened to flip through it for some reason and found a J&J coupon on one of the pages....the week CVS was having a J&J sale too!! Since then I have been flipping through it just in case!! LOL LOL

This week there were 2 coupons for a FREE Southern Chicken Biscuit & Sandwich when you buy ANY medium or large drink at McDonald's. You never know where you will find a coupon these days....the hunt is Oh so exciting, isn't it!!

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Meghan said...

ya know I threw this out w/o even opening it this week.