Friday, August 8

To Stay Connected.......

It has been almost 2 months now since my sister has moved away to has been hard at times, I miss her so much as does Little Man and Little Miss!! Little Man still asks me daily when his Titi & Tio (Aunt & Uncle) and his cousins are coming back home.......:-( We plan on visiting them in Florida real soon...but in the meantime to keep the kiddies in touch with one another, we purchased a Web Cam just the other day.

So far we love it!! Little Man thinks it is the coolest thing ever!! He loves to sit in the computer chair and see his cousins on the computer monitor and chat with them!! I too love the new Web Cam as fact it brought me to tears the first time we used it and I got to see my sister and the kiddies on the screen for the first time since they left!!

Of course, we do wish they were all here with us in person....but the Web Cam has at least made our long distance seem just a bit closer at times!! If you have friends, or relatives far from you I highly recommend getting a Web Cam!! It really is one cool tool to stay in touch with loved ones!!

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