Wednesday, August 13

The Best Burgers!!!

Have you ever seen a restaurant commercial on TV and after seeing the mouth watering food thought "Man, I wish there was one of those nearby"!! Well, I have seen and heard all about Red Robin before....but they are no where near our hometown. So while away last week, we spotted a Red Robin Restaurant...and I knew we just had to give them a try!!

I could tell by the wait to get a table (35 minutes at 2pm in the afternoon) that this place must be good!! So we got our table, glanced at the menu, and ordered our Burgers (What they are known for). I have learned the hard way...that you must order what a restaurant is famous for or you will be disappointed!!

Little Miss was fast asleep in the stroller, and Little Man had eaten a Wendy's kids meal outside on the bench while we waited to be seated. (He was just starving, and could not wait!!) They offered Little Man a FREE drink, the waitress said that was their policy...a very good one I do believe!! LOL LOL

We received our burgers very quickly, and Little Man got a chocolate milkshake. He said it was delicious....and it being gone in 10 minuted proved it!! LOL LOL Our burgers were awesome...hubby's even had a fried egg on his?? I too rolled my eyes at him for ordering it....but he liked it alot!! The burgers were piled high with fresh cut toppings, and came with a side of thick steak fries. They were not over salted, which was a nice change from most restaurants!!

If you have yet to try Red Robin....and you happen to see one on your travels, pop in especially if you have little ones. They are a very family oriented restaurant, with kids meals, a birthday club, and even crayons and paper for them to keep busy while waiting!!

To find a Red Robin near you click here.


Katie Gregg said...

I love Red Robin. I don't think they have the best burgers out there, but they're close-and the fries are fantastic!

Meghan said...

My sister & her friends go up like once a month to Hamilton, I think it's Hamilton, & chow down at the Red Robin.
They love it!

Have you tried Cheeburger Cheeburger yet on 70? I have, it's ok, my sister loves it.

Miss Mommy said...

I have yet to try Cheeburger Cheeburger....I have only heard just O.K. things about it so I haven't been dying to go...LOL LOL

I do however love Five Guys Burgers on 70!! They rock!!

Jennifer said...

I love Red Robin! I miss it - I haven't found one near us here in OH. After this post, I might have to try harder to find one.