Sunday, August 17

Leapster Games......

Just looking through all my new weekly sale ads and came across this great deal!!

Five Below has Leapster Games for just $5!!! They are usually around $18 or this is a GREAT Deal!! The sale ad says until supplies last?? So I suggest if you are interested...better hurry on over to check out the selection they have!!! The Leapster games work with Leapsters, Leapsters TV, or IMax system.

Find a Five Below near you here.

My Little Man has a Leapster that we keep in the car at all times. This way when we are out and about, over a relatives house, or anywhere else that he may become board after some time he can stay busy and have fun playing one of his games. He received it last Christmas and since it is only played now and then it is a big hit when the time is right!!

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