Thursday, August 21

Our Recycling Robot....

Thrifty Jinxy

Little Man is big into making crafts!! As he gets older he will see something someone has or has made and he loves to try to make one himself. He was watching Curious George just the other day on TV and George was making a cool robot! When Little Man saw the empty beer box on the kitchen floor a few nights ago he decided he wanted to try and make a robot out of it!!

Over the past couple days we have been saving paper recyclables to use for the robot project. Anything from pieces of paper to paper towl tubes. But after 3 days Little Man could wait no more!! So this is what we collected over the past few days:

We spent about an hour yesterday working on it, and about a 45 minutes today....gluing, coloring, cutting, taping, stickering, etc. He is just so proud og his little handmade robot!! Here he is wearing it!!

Just another fun way to recycle your recyclables!!!

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