Monday, August 18

Oh How I Love Thee Clearance!!!

As you know I am big into shopping at the end of a season!! That is when the best Clearance deals can be found!! This year being no exception!!! I love to shop at the end of a season not only for the great deals.....but it also it is a great time saver for me!!! If I stock up on a few items for next summer now then at the beginning of next spring there is no need for me to rush to get to the store for a few pair of shorts and shirts for a few 90 degree days we may have early on!!

I must admit....lately I have been doing a little more online shopping then in the I find it way easier than having to put the kiddies through many trips to stores for clothes shopping!! I remember as a kid I hated it!! It was so boring!! So if there is a FREE shipping offer online....I am in!!

Thanks to Mir at Want Not... little over a week ago she posted a Free Shipping code and a 15% off coupon code to Kohl's. (Yes, you can combine 2 coupon codes per order at Kohl's!!) So I decided to check out the clearance section to see what I could find. Here is what I found at bargain prices.......

I got Little Man.....
-2- Tony Hawk woven shirts for $4.40 each
-1- Tony Hawk Muscle T for $2.40
-1- Pair of Sonoma Cargo shorts for $4.80
-2- Pair Jumping Beans Mesh shorts for $2.40 each

I got Little Miss.....
-2- Nike Sundresses for $5.20 each
-3- Jumping Beans tanks for $2.40 each
-1- Pair Jumping Beans shorts for $4.00
-1- Carter's Tank for $3.40

Minus 15% off (6.84) I paid just $38.76 for the 13 items including Free Shipping!!!

I got the clothes in about 6 days and the best part is I never even stepped into the store!!! I just love online shopping!!

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