Wednesday, August 20

Never Get To Comfy.....

Our auto insurance 6 month premium is due at the end of this 2 weeks ago we received our renewal packet from our current auto insurance company Allstate. In the past 6 months we have had no accidents, have not gotten any new vehicles, and have not received any citations. Yet...or insurance increased $200 over the next 6 months ($400 for the next year). I was confused, as I thought auto insurance was supposed to lower due to good driving. So hubby called up to see why the rates were increasing....they said they had a rate increase approved across the board for all customers.

So, we decided to call around and see if we could find a better rate?? We called 3 other carriers and ended up finding a better rate with a savings of $380 cheaper a year with the same limits we currently have on our vehicles with Allstate. WOW!! I was impressed!! I know that sometimes it is just easier to leave things the way they are...but for just three 10-15 minute calls for estimates we have saved ourselves $380!! That half hour or so on the phone was well worth it!! You just never know until you try!!!
Have you had a similar situation? What did you get a lower price on?

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The Clark Family said...

My advice is to always followup with your medical bills. Ensure they have been filed correctly with your insurance company, and verify that your account was credited properly. After three births, a couple of emergency room visits, and some urgent care visits, I can tell you that there will inevitably be a mistake somewhere--whether intentional or accidental.