Thursday, August 14

Kiddie Fun on the Cheap!!

Thrifty Jinxy

I am always looking for fun things to do with the kiddies almost daily since the summer is upon us. The weather is lovely, and Little Man just loves to get and have a little fun!! I am amazed at all the free or very low cost things there are to do with the kiddies almost everyday of the week!!

Today for example we attended a Mommy and Me program at our local mall (Free). It is so cute, today the kiddies made fish crafts, played a fishing game, had scooter races, and played toss the rings on the dolphins nose too!! At each game they were given a small prize (Little stuffed dolphin & fish shaped packet of jellybeans). And at the end each kiddie was given a small water ice from Rita's. It lasts for about an hour and the kiddies have a great time!!

Little Man on his scooter!!

We also attend our local library weekly for story time and crafts. This is also another free activity. They also have story time at many Borders Bookstores, and Barnes and Nobles as well I have heard.

Throughout the summer we also attended many local park programs sponsored by our county. We attended music concerts, movies at the park, and even kids Fundays.

On Saturday we will take a ride to the Touch-A-Truck event a few towns over from us. I know Little Man and Little Miss will have a great they did last year!! And with Daddy there...all the more fun they'll have!!

We also are in driving distance to 2 area zoos that are a donation only admission. We simply pack a lunch, hop in the car and take a ride and enjoy the day. For just the cost of gas.....we have fun zoo day!!

Little Man is getting a bit older now....and since my sister and the kiddies have moved I have been trying to keep him busy! He looks forward to all the fun things we do daily!! Every night before bed he always asks "What are we doing fun tomorrow?" in his little excited voice!! I to enjoy taking him and spending good old fun time with him and Little Miss as well!!

Just another way we have lots of summer fun on the cheap!! LOL LOL

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