Thursday, August 28

To Remember All Those Prices....

Just the other day a friend of mine asked me "How do you remember all those prices? How do you look at a sale circular, or browse down the isles of Walmart and know what is a good deal or not??" I raised and eyebrow and began to think??

For me it is all up there stored in my brain!! After couponing and shopping for deals after a while you just get to know your prices!! You are a more aware shopper and the price tags seem to jump out at times it seems!! You also get to know what store carries what items the cheapest and what coupons usually come out for what products!! Don't get me wrong...sometimes a few great coupons come out by surprise to us...and boy do we love those!!! LOL LOL

For example if there is a $3/2 Huggies Clean Team coupon out I know to head to Walmart and pay just 16 cents a pack for them!! But what if you are a coupon and/or sale newbie? Or what if you want a back-up way to remember the best prices paid just in case hubby makes a trip to the supermarket one week for you? (I would love to borrow your hubby for a week if you are this lucky!!!) LOL LOL

How about keeping a price book? Or perhaps a price spreadsheet on your computer? Just make a few columns and note the important info.......

Product-----------------Best Price------Coupon (Y/N)----Store--------Size
Clean Team Wipes---$1.64 a pack-------Y----------------Walmart ---42 wps.
Instant Oatmeal----$1.59 a box-----------N----------------ShopRite ---10 pkts

You can set up your price book many different ways....whatever works for you. You can even separate by store or by category...anyway that makes it easiest for you!!

Do you use a price book? How do you have yours set up? Or is your brain as full as mine of prices, ounces, sizes, and stores to get the best deals at?? We'd love to know!!

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